Entry #1

I'm New Here!

2013-07-16 10:03:12 by Sagooboy

Sup, everyone,

My name is James Sugrue. I am an animator at East Coast based Titmouse, and I love making cartoons! Will post some stuff soon!

All Da Best,


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2013-07-16 23:56:22

Welcome to Newgrounds! And what an amazing flash for your debut, reminds me a bit of Rocko's modern Life ^^

Sagooboy responds:

Thanks! hope you enjoy!


2013-07-18 04:22:39

Enjoy Your stay here at newgrounds.
And as personal note i love your style of animation.
As for the animation style, feels like early 90's Adult swim cartoons.
Almost makes me feel pissed off that talent like your self is never looked at by large cartoon syndicates.
I will watch with great intent to your future projects.
Stay frosty.


2013-07-19 06:24:19

I've heard a lot of great things about the company you work for, here at Newgrounds, though without cable TV, I'm pretty much resigned to rely on NG for my entertainment, so I'm not familiar with the commercial work that's been sold into rotation.... Very glad you've joined!

What can you tell us about the work you've done at Titmouse, how long have you been there, etc, etc...?


2013-07-19 09:13:18

Man, thank you so much. Your work is incredible and very welcomed. Hehehe. Please continue to release work on here. Hopefully we get to work together some day.


2013-07-19 12:58:47

Oh my goodness. You have a gift. It's rare to come across an animator like you who puts so much work into EVERYTHING. Your animations that you've uploaded are some of the BEST I've seen on this website. Thank you for your animations. They're literally so good, they're inspiring.


2013-07-20 00:27:54

Your toons are amazing dude


2013-07-20 03:16:56

Yeah, we got some brilliant toonage going on here. And I absolutely adore Titmouse. Expect to see me begging hideously for a job there getting coffee and giving foot massages next year when I graduate.


2013-07-20 03:25:54

Welcome welcome! What an awesome style you have going on. Looking forward to seeing lots more from you! Cheers!


2013-07-21 18:51:04

You MUST make tutorials! :)
Great content dude.